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Hello and welcome to the Photosymbols Blog, part of our new website. It marks both a new beginning and a fond farewell. Subscriptions to our Cloud Version have proved so popular that it no longer makes sense for us to produce the USB version of Photosymbols. Times have changed and people are used to being connected to the internet all the time and taking advantage of the live nature of our Cloud. And we can instantly make new pictures and templates available to everyone at the click of a button.

A big part of this new website is our online shop. For the first time you can now buy your Photosymbols subscription with a Credit or Debit card. But if you need to pay with a Purchase Order Number, Bank Transfer or Cheque you can still do that as well. Whichever way you choose, it's now a (hopefully) familiar 'Shopping Cart' and 'Proceed to Checkout' experience.

All that out the way, we are looking forward to posting about the work we're doing, new pictures and templates and some healthy debate about making information accessible.

We're working on a beta version of Photosymbols that links it directly with this website with a view to creating a more integrate experience for subscribers. There will be more about this in a future blog but we want you to know we've been listening to your feedback.

Finally we'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who has used Photosymbols over the last ten years. It only seems like yesterday we were hand-assembling the very first version of Photosymbols. We never dreamed it would become so popular.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Remember that?

Happy Photosymboling,

Karl & Pete

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