People often ask us, “What are those badger themed passwords all about?” Pete explains the significance of the badgers.

At first we used military encryption grade passwords but they were hard to remember and a pain to type in. Often people would forget them and have to request a new password. We decided we needed passwords with a strong visual image so they’d be easy to remember. And something that would make people smile when they typed them in.

The badger themed passwords began life back on one of our intensive marathon away days/all nighters when we were huddled down on a stormy night inside a windmill in Kent. One of us would be working on something and the other person's job was to keep the atmosphere going by searching Google /YouTube /Spotify to come up with some ‘interesting’ music.

The usual musical backdrop to such days was Karl’s taste in uber-cool slightly po-faced European Electronica, Scandi-Isolationist Ambient or my taste in lush over produced Lounge or Nu-Bossa.

After exhausting the entire Eddy Grant back catalogue (The works of Eddy Grant have deep meaning for Photosymbols but that's something for another blog), some twisted individual (me) discovered the works of The Jazz Badgers and their epic performance at the Cirencester Football Club 24 hour Jazzathon, featuring Tom Wakefield 'the fastest fingers this side of North Cerney’. For some reason, this seemed like the omen we’d been looking for.

And so it was decided. Jazzbadger became the first of all badgers although my personal favourite is trollfacebadger. A few years ago at a conference in Glasgow, half way through a very dry plenary session the person in the next seat leant over and whispered to me "You don't know me, but I'm chutneybadger!”

It was hard to keep a straight face after that. To date, after four years of Photosymbols Cloud and several thousand badgers later, only three people have got in touch to say they couldn’t remember their password. Job done Badgers!

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  • All the behind-the-scenes stories are here!

    Ben Wallis on
  • Now I get it!
    Nice one, Pete. It is indeed one of the passwords I’ve never forgotten!!

    Paul on

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