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We’re very pleased to announce a new version of Photosymbols Cloud just in time for Christmas. As technology changes we’ve tried to keep up and it’s been three years since we first moved Photosymbols onto our Cloud. Since then so many of you have told us you appreciate having instant access to new images as we make them.

This time we’ve moved the Cloud so it’s built into our main website. So when you place an order your account is already set up and can be activated immediately. If you’re already using Photosymbols then you might be interested in some of these new features we’ve added.

First of all the search. We’ve improved the main search box so it gives much better results. Along with that we’ve added a pull down menu for categories like health, politics or transport. So now it should be quicker than ever to find the right image you’re looking for.

Now when you choose a Photosymbol it offers you previews of other related pictures as well as the keyword tags. And you can copy and paste as well as download individual pictures. We also think you’ll like the new ‘favourites’ feature where you can quickly access pictures you use a lot.

We’ll do a full launch of the new version in the new year, running the new system alongside the old one for a while. If you would like to be one of the first to be setup with the new version then send us a quick email to

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