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Our Easy Read Templates have just been updated and you can now log in and find them in the ‘Categories’ menu.

The first batch we’ve uploaded is made up of 60 single page templates. You can combine them to make all kinds of documents including booklets, posters, questionnaires, forms and storyboards. Each page has place for you to write your own text, and placeholder images you can replace with your chosen pictures.

Making the templates available in PowerPoint format is a game-changer once you get used to the idea (they also work in Apple Keynote). The templates are set up as A4 rather than a slide shape. It’s easy to mix and match different layouts because pictures and text don’t move around the page like they do in Word. Of course you can still use Photosymbols with Word, Publisher and InDesign if you like.

Let’s explore how it works making a booklet. First you choose a cover template. Next insert the inside pages you’ve chosen as extra slides. Once you’ve added all your pages you can replace the placeholder images with Photosymbols, and change the text. It’s as simple as that.

To make your finished document just save it as a PDF and it’s ready to print, email or put on your website.

In the new version of Photosymbols we’ve made all the pictures a square shape (with transparent background) and it’s the same for the templates. So when you add pictures to your designs everything is always neatly lined up, making your work look clear and professional.

Soon we’ll be adding some pre-designed multi-page templates for specific use, starting with information booklets and forms to do with the Care Act 2014.

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