Getting Started with Photosymbols

Choose a Subscription

To begin you will need a subscription. We have a Single User subscription for one person only. For organisations who want more people to access Photosymbols we have subscriptions for 5, 10, 20 and 50 licences - more on request. You may be here because your organisation has already set you up with an account.

Your Account

When you first place an order for Photosymbols we will send you an Account Invitation Email if you didn't already set up an account yourself. Choose a password to activate your account. If you don't see the email it may be in your junk/spam folder.

Adding Users

With our subscriptions for 5 or more users you can manage who can access the photo library yourself - or nominate other users to have this role. The Licence Manager has complete control to add and remove people in the same organisation - all from your My Account page. When you set up a new user they get their own Account Activation Email.

Log In

Click on the red button in the top left corner to log in to the photo library. Enter your email address and the password you chose. You'll be taken to the My Account page first. It shows details of any orders and, if you are a Licence Manager, the control panel .

Go to the Photo Library

Click on this button to start using Photosymbols.

Thumbnails View

This is the main page for browsing and searching for pictures. There are three buttons in the top left corner. Below that is the search bar. Then the rest of the page is a grid showing the pictures. As you scroll down more pictures will load on the page.

The Three Buttons

From left to right, the first blue button will log you out of your photosymbols account. The next green button brings you back to this guide whenever you need it. The third red button shows your saved images / favourites - see how that works below.


Type words into the search box where you see the waving man. Then hit enter on your keyboard or click on the grey search icon. This will show you the matching pictures.


If you click on the small text below the search bar View Themes, the search box changes to a pull-down menu showing different categories or themes. Click the text again to change back to the search box.  


You can just scroll through the pictures if you prefer. The newest photosymbols show first. Use the down arrow on your keyboard. If you have a mouse with a wheel or a trackpad you can scroll using that. Then click on a picture to see the download options.


You can download pictures in 3 different sizes. Small is good for websites. Medium is good for MS Word and general documents. Hi-Res is much bigger and better for professional print, posters or front covers.

Picture Files

Downloaded files will go into the download folder on your computer - wherever you usually save files. The images are in PNG format with transparent backgrounds. These can be placed on coloured backgrounds or easily combined with other images to better suit your information.

Copy to Clipboard

You can also copy a picture to the clipboard by clicking on the blue button. You can then switch to your document and paste the image straight into it.

Save to Favourites

Clicking on the grey heart button will save the picture to your Favourites. You can see all your saved pictures by clicking on the red button with the heart icon - just above the search box.

Keyword Tags

Below the buttons are Keyword Tags. These turn blue as you roll the mouse over them. Tags can help you find similar pictures. Just click on the tag that interests you and the matching pictures will show in a new search.

More Photos

At the very bottom of the page you will also see five pictures around the same theme. They are there for inspiration while you work on your easy read and as a short cut.


While looking at a download page < Back and Next > text appears so you can flip through the pictures.

And at any time - if you need to get back to the main search just click on the photosymbols logo at the top of the page.

Saved Pictures

Once you click on the Saved Pictures button you will see all your favourite pictures in a grid. Here you can download all your saved pictures at once. You can also upload your own pictures - this is useful if you want to keep local pictures you use in your easy read, all in one place.


We also include a selection of templates to get you started - just type template into the search box to see them. They are in Powerpoint format because most people can open Powerpoint files, and the pictures and text stay in place - which can be a problem with Word.

Square Boxes

We use square picture boxes in the templates. Photosymbols images are also square (it helps stop them stretching). Just insert them into the boxes and replace the text with your own words.

Talk to Us

We are always working on new pictures to add to the library. If you can't find what you are looking for please let us know. Sometimes if a picture is easy we can add them quite quickly. Other times they may take a bit more time and planning.

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