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Getting Started

To use Photosymbols in your information you or your organisation needs a subscription. These can be ordered in our online shop here.
We have a range of subscription packages starting with a Single User and going up to 500 Users. These give you full access to the Photosymbols library for a year, using the pictures and templates as much as you like.

We also offer a Commercial Use Licence for people selling Easy Read design using our pictures.
Signing In

Signing In

Once your order is placed you’ll receive an email with a link to activate your account and choose a password. Enter your email address and password and click the 'Log In' button.
Next time you’ll be able to sign-in directly from our website by clicking on the button with the key in the top left corner. If you forget your password there's also a link to reset it.

Your Account

Once you're logged in you'll see your Account page which shows information about your subscription. To view the pictures click on ‘Go to the Photo Library'.

If you are the Licence Manager of a multi-user subscription you’ll also see a control panel where you can add and delete the other users in your organisation - this is usually the person who placed the order but can be anybody in your organisation.
Your Account

Browsing Pictures

Thumbnail pictures show in a grid. You can keep scrolling down using your mouse or the down arrow key, or click the Next/Back buttons to load more pages. There are 3 blue pull down menus and a search box at the top.

The Categories menu lets you view images by different subjects. The Favourites lets you see your most used pictures all in one place and the Sort menu organises pictures by name or date (newest first)
. Click on any thumbnail to see the bigger image.

Downloading Pictures

When you click on a thumbnail you’ll see a page like this. There’s the picture with a short description, keyword tags and a choice of related images showing at the bottom.
Click on the green Download buttons to save the file to your hard drive, drag and drop or copy and paste pictures straight into your document. For images you use a lot, you can click on the blue 'Add to Favourites' button. Favourites can be viewed from the pull down menu. There is a maximum of 50 favourites.
Picture View

Easy Read Templates

Our Easy Read Templates can be downloaded and opened in MS PowerPoint, Apple Keynote or Google Slides.
Each template is a single A4 page designed to be mixed and matched together to make the exact document layout you need. Click on the Categories menu then scroll down to Templates to see them.

Templates & PowerPoint

  1. Download all the templates you want. For example, a front cover, inside pages, some questions for a form and a back page.
  2. Open the first template. Then click on Insert > Slides From > Other Presentation to add the other pages.
  3. Keep adding slides until the layout for your document is complete.
  4. Click 3 times on a text box to select all the words and replace with your own words.
  5. Next replace the placeholder pictures with Photosymbols. The easiest way is to drag and drop pictures from our website into the document page. You can also copy and paste, or right click on the picture and select ‘Change Picture’ to select a picture file you’ve downloaded.
  6. When your document is finished click on File > Export > File Format: PDF. This will create a PDF document you can print, email or put on a website.
Easy Read Templates
Licence Manager Panel

Licence Managers

*New* If your organisation has a multi-user subscription then one person will be in charge of the account - the Licence Manager. This is automatically the person who placed the order but can be changed to another person.
The Licence Manager can add, delete and edit users using a Control Panel. This shows on the account page when your first log in - it may take a few moments to load.
When you add a new user they are sent an email asking them to click a link and activate their account. It can take up to 15 minutes for new users to be activated. Clicking on the Refresh List button will show the latest changes. Keep adding users up to the number in your subscription.