# Getting Started

The photo library is only available to members who have a subscription. So here's a quick guide to how it works...

1. Choose a subscription

You can get a subscription for just yourself, or for a number of users depending on the size of your team or organisation. If you need more than 50 users we now offer a custom service tailored to your needs today - with room to grow.

Find out more about our multi-user subscriptions here.

2. Place an order

It's easy to place an order in our online shop here. Just add the subscription to your cart then checkout. Whichever payment method you choose (more info here) we'll activate your account within 20 minutes.

3. Set up your account

It's important that you create an account when you place your order, so your details are saved on the system. You'll be asked to choose your own password for logging in to the photo library.

If you forget to set up your account don't worry. We'll send you an Account Invitation Email, but do keep an eye out for it.

4. Log in

Now you're almost done. Click on the button in the top left corner to log in. Enter your email address and password and you'll be taken to your account information page. The big button will take you straight to the photo library. Below it is the following information.

- Number of days until your subscription ends

- If you are a Licence Manager, a list of users you've created accounts for

- Your order history

You can also update your address and phone number here if you need to.

5. Go to the library

And we're in. Your first view is something like this.


All the pictures are presented in a grid, as thumbnails (small pictures). As you scroll down new pictures load from the bottom up. Once you click on a thumbnail it will take you to the main picture page.

Of course you can also use our powerful new search and the pull-down filter menu to quickly find the picture you're looking for.

6. Searching

The search is activated by clicking on the small magnifying glass icon in the top right corner. This opens a search window that slides out from the right. Now you can start typing and the results will show below. You don't even need to click a button or hit the enter/return key.

Click on the thumbnail to go to the main picture page.

7. Filter menu

Another new feature is the filter menu. This is great if you're not quite sure and looking for inspiration. You can scroll through all the keyword tags used in the photo library. If you see something that sounds like what you're looking for, clicking on it will bring up only those pictures.