Join our Early Access Community

Join our Early Access Community

Join our Early Access Community

It's been quite the journey with Photosymbols. Thanks to your support we've expanded and evolved in ways we could only imagine. Today marks the beginning of a new chapter we're thrilled to share with you: the launch of our Early Access Community.

This is an opportunity for Photosymbols subscribers to gain access to features we have in development before they are released, and give us feedback to help shape and improve them.

What's new for 2024

We're rolling out four new modes in Photosymbols, each one making it easier to create Easy Read materials:

  • Pictures Mode: Our cherished picture library is here to stay.

  • Design Mode: Create Easy Read materials right on our website. Pick from a variety of templates, tweak text, add pictures, and share your work with a PDF.

  • Write Mode: Our new AI assistant is here to make complex information simple and help you write clear, accessible content. This tool is set to change the way you edit and write.

  • Organise Mode: A place for all your saved images and documents, plus anything new you or your team upload.

Have your say

The Early Access Community isn't just about early access; it's about influencing the development of Photosymbols in a way that truly matters. Your feedback and ideas can really help as we build new tools and workflows.

How to join

Sign up for our newsletter and make sure to express your interest in the Early Access Community by checking the box. With early access rolling out in stages, we encourage you to sign up soon to secure your place.

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