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We've updated our voting pictures for the UK General Election

We are Photosymbols

A photo library for Easy Read information featuring actors with learning disabilities

Photo Library

Unique pictures to use in your information - specially designed to reflect the lives of people with learning disabilities

Simplify text

Convert complex text into Easy Read with our AI assistant

Make Information

Design Easy Read documents and generate PDFs to share

Expert Advisers

We employ a team of Expert Advisers with learning disabilities who meet every month

The right fit

Whether you're an individual or a large organisation we have a subscription for you

Easy Read Training

We now have three engaging courses. Our Foundation Course has successfully trained over 500 students.

Since then we've added a shorter course for beginners, and a new course exploring the role of AI in Easy Read.

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Friendly photo showing friends hugging

A little bit about who we are and what we do

About Us

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Most of the time Photosymbols works fine for people, their computer, network, and web browser. But sometimes things don’t work quite right.

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