Team 3


Team 3 Subscription Plan

Our Team 3 Subscription Plan is specially designed for small teams, local groups, charities, and small organisations. It offers tailored access for three individuals, each with their own login, ensuring a personalised experience.

Key Features of Team 3 Plan:

  • Individual Logins: Each of the three members gets a unique login, allowing for personalised settings, image uploads, and favourites.
  • Licence Management: The main account holder acts as the Licence Manager with control over user management, making it easy to add or replace team members as needed.
  • Custom Photo Uploads: Enhance your team’s library by uploading your own photos. Share images of staff, local places, or logos exclusively with your team members.

Subscription Details:

  • Designed for 3 users, each with individual access.
  • Access to our high-resolution photo library and our custom made tools for creating Easy Read including a Photo Editor, Design mode document creator, AI writing assistant and Organise hub for managing your personal uploads and shared team content.
  • Multi-year discount options available, offering up to 40% savings.
  • As with all our plans, account confidentiality is paramount, and login credentials are personal and non-transferable.

Renewal and Usage Policy:

  • Subscription lasts for 12 months with a reminder sent before expiration.
  • Post-subscription, rights to use downloaded images expire, although materials created during the subscription remain usable.

Support for Your Team: