Licence Agreement

Your subscription to the Photosymbols Photo Library lasts for 1,2,3,5 or 10 years (as per package purchased) from activation. This is your Licence Agreement. It tells you (the Licensee) what you can and cannot do.

What you (The Licensee) must do:

1. You must make sure only authorised users can log in to your account.

2. For multi-user subscriptions you must only issue passwords to authorised users and keep an up-to-date record of all users.

3. You must make sure that you and any other users never use Photosymbols for anything that is offensive, promotes hatred or is pornographic.

What you can do:

4. You can access all the pictures and templates in the photo library for the life of your subscription.

5. You can use the pictures and templates as much as you like in printed and electronic documents, websites and videos.

6. If you purchased a multi-user subscription you (or another person in your organisation) can authorise more users - up to the number in your package.

What you cannot do:

7. You are not allowed to share your log-in. Each user must be set up with their own username and password.

8. You cannot download images from the photo library for use after the subscription ends as you would no longer be licensed to use the images.

9. You cannot store Photosymbols on a website except as graphics used in the page design.

10. You are not allowed to sell anything you make with Photosymbols. If you do want to sell something you require a Commercial Use licence.

At the end of the year’s subscription:

11. We will email you one month before the subscription ends to ask if you would like to renew.

12. If you do not renew, your subscription will end and you and any other users you have set up will no longer be able to log-in.

13. Any Photosymbols you have used in websites can stay as part of your website. You do not need to remove them.

14. Any Photosymbols you have used in printed or electronic documents can stay as part of the documents. You do not need to remove the pictures.

15. You can keep any templates you have downloaded and used for future use.