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Photosymbols is a complete system for creating Easy Read information.

As well as our iconic picture library, with thousands of images, our bespoke features give you everything you need to design and write high-quality, accessible documents. 


Where it all began. For over 20 years we have worked with expert advisers and actors with learning disabilities to develop a library of images that make your information easier to understand. Our versatile picture editor tool lets you combine and customise images.


Quicker and easier than building accessible documents from scratch, our inbuilt, interactive templates allow you to create and share PDFs in your browser. Build on our team’s knowledge of good design for consistent quality every time that allows you to focus on your message.


Our AI assistant, focused specifically on the communication needs of people with learning disabilities, makes complex information simple and helps you write clear content. Take the heavy lifting out of your first draft, while still having full control over the final edit.


Collaborate with your team by uploading shared images that keep your Easy Read content personal, local and on-brand. Curate a bank of your favourite Photosymbols for speed and ease. Save drafts of your Design and Write work to be shared again or developed further.

We offer a free 24 hour trial to help you decide if Photosymbols is the right fit for your team. Contact us on ask@photosymbols.com to arrange.