Most of the time Photosymbols works fine for people, their computer, network, and web browser. But sometimes things don’t work quite right. Here’s some information about the most common issues.

Check your browser

It’s good to first check any browser issues.

Do you have the same issue using another web browser? Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Safari or Firefox?


Photosymbols stores a small piece of information on your computer called a cookie. We use this to know it's you when you log in. Make sure you have essential cookies enabled for our website and your customer account:

More information about cookies


Make sure your web browser has Javascript enabled in Preferences.

Firewall & antivirus

Sometimes settings on your network are blocking Photosymbols - often at work where your IT department may have a firewall or antivirus scanners running. This can easily be checked by taking the badger test.

The badger test

We have made a check you can do yourself to help identify issues.

Take the badger test


Access to these web servers is essential for Photosymbols to work correctly and we recommend the following domains are whitelisted*:

These secure servers are SSL certified

*Whitelisting is when you tell your network to accept connections for a website. You may need to ask your IT department to do this.

Still need help?

Send us a message explaining what's not working right and we'll do our best to find a fix. Don't forget to tell us:

- What version of Windows or Mac?
- Which web browser?
- Screenshot of any errors

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