Spring Update

Spring Update

Spring is in the air and we’ve made some changes to our subscriptions. There is a new Team Subscription aimed at departments or small teams that want two or three people to have access to photosymbols. We recognise that often one licence is not enough but 10 is too many, so we hope this new option proves popular.

We added additional users for medium and large organisations as this has been requested a lot over the last few years.

The Commercial Design subscription now includes the same available discounts as our other subscriptions - up to 50%. This subscription is available for businesses that include photosymbols in designs they sell. For example, easy read translation services and designers.

And finally there is now an Associate Membership available - something we are really excited about. This subscription allows every one of your employees to access photosymbols.

It is simple to set up and easy for any employee to create their own account and get instant access to the photosymbols for their work. If you want to know more about this get in touch.

Check out the new subscriptions here.

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