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Foundation Course in Easy Read Update 11 January 2023

Please note that the first lesson is a gentle welcome to get acquainted with the structure of the course and that the live Zoom sessions start from the second lesson on the 17th January.

The Foundation Course in Easy Read has started. We are very excited to have so many students enrolled on the course.

This is a new venture for us and a bit nerve-racking. Please bear with us if there are a few teething issues.

When does the course start?

The course is now live with the release of lesson one. Lesson two goes live on 17th January. Each week unlocks another chapter of the course until all ten lessons are unlocked.

How do I access the course?

On the morning of Tuesday 10th January the course went live. If you are enrolled on the course you will see a button to access the training on your account page here.

When are the live Zoom sessions?

The first live Zoom session is on Tuesday 17th January at 11am GMT. Please note these are an optional part of the course. Everyone is welcome to attend. 

Due to the number of students these events will be in the form of a Zoom webinar where you can view the broadcast and ask questions in the chat.

Where’s my printed workbook?

We apologise for the delay getting the printed workbooks out. They are arriving this week when we will begin sending them out. Please make sure we have an up-to-date postal address for you.

The workbooks are not required until the lesson on 24th January and there is a downloadable version available so any student without printed materials can continue to complete the course.

I bought several training places - how do I assign my students?

Log in to Photosymbols and go to your account page. Look for the control panel and add the students name, email and post address. Our system does the rest.

Can I transfer my place on the course?
Yes, you can allocate your place on the course to someone else as long as you've not started any lessons.

Log in to Photosymbols and go to your account page. Look for the control panel and remove yourself from the course. Then add details of the user you want to enrol on the course.

Thank you for your patience.

Picture of the course workbook front cover and inside pages.


We are pleased to announce our Foundation Course in Easy Read - a course you can complete online at your own pace.

The course launches on Tuesday 10th January 2023 with a new lesson each week. There are 10 two hour lessons in total. On completion of the course students will be awarded a Foundation Certificate in Easy Read to add to CPD (Continuing Professional Development) portfolios.

The Course

You can start the course whenever you like and complete it in your own time. So if you miss any lessons it’s easy to catch up. Everyone learns at their own pace but you should be able to complete the course in around 20 hours.

The first week from 10th to 17th January is time to settle in. There are several online lessons to complete and one assignment to submit. This also gives students time to check out the learning format and Easy Read cafe which is the community side of the course.

On top of this there is a live session each week starting 17th January. This is optional. You can drop in between 11am - 12.30pm on Tuesdays. These sessions are a chance to ask questions, share ideas and get feedback on assignments.

If you are unable to attend live sessions please don’t worry - you can still complete the course by working your way through each lesson online.

Lesson Dates 10 Jan - Introduction, 17 Jan - What is Easy Read, 24 Jan - Foundation, 31 Jan - Writing Words, 7 Feb - Using Pictures, 14 Feb - Design & Layout, 21 Feb - Sharing Information, 28 Feb - Be Creative, 7 Mar - Be Creative, 14 Mar - Final Lesson

Each week we release a new lesson which you can complete in your own time

How it works

The course is a mix of videos, quizzes and interactive learning. Some lessons have assignments to complete or downloadable worksheets or in the printed workbook we have designed to support you through the course. (Please note this workbook has been slightly delayed and will be with you soon. It is not required until the lesson on 24th January.

As you work your way through each lesson you can see your progress towards achieving your certificate.

Once you have booked a place you will be enrolled on the course. When we launch the course on 10th January you will receive an email with details about setting up and accessing your student training account.

In the first week we will also send your student welcome pack and workbook (this has been delayed due to the postal strike but no learning is affected).

You will also get an email with all the course information, a PDF workbook and instructions on how to activate your student account.

If you purchased several places on the course for your team or organisation then you have access to a new User Control Panel on your Photosymbols account page. Use this to allocate slots on the course to your members. This will reserve each of them a place on the course. 

There is a lot of knowledge in this course which we’ve concentrated into something that is easy to follow for learners with any level of experience. Our aim is to give you the confidence to take on your own Easy Read work from start to finish and to make information that looks great and is easy to understand.

On completion of the course students will be awarded a Foundation Certificate in Easy Read to add to CPD (Continuing Professional Development) portfolios. Successful students also gain access to a unique collection of resources.

Jemma and Pete from Photosymbols, two of the trainers on the course.

The Trainers

You're in safe hands with our Easy Read training. The team at Photosymbols have been creating some groundbreaking accessible information over the last 30 years. We are a mix of writers, designers, graphic facilitators and experts by experience and we have distilled all our most useful knowledge and know-how into this resource.

Costs and benefits

The course costs £250+vat per person. On completion of the course students will have the skills needed to:
- write clear concise words
- use pictures and symbols effectively
- design accessible layouts
- work co-productively

Woman wearing a telephone headset is typing on the computer.


You can book a place just for yourself - or block book places to allocate to members of your organisation.

Place an order here on our website or call us on 0117 457 8888 - we are happy to accept payment by Purchase Order and can process any orders from our end and set everything up for you.

Book your place

Want to know more

Check out the FAQ below. If you still have questions why not give us a call on 0117 457 8888


How easy is the course?
The course is suitable for people with any level of experience. Some basic computer skills are required.

Do I need a Photosymbols subscription to do the course?
No. The course is open to everyone even if you use other pictures or symbols for Easy Read.

Is a subscription to Photosymbols included in the price?
No. Subscriptions are seperate from the training course.

What else do I need?
You will need a computer and an internet connection. We supply all the materials you need including a printed workbook with all the exercises.

I need to pay by Purchase Order.
No problem. Just let us know the PO number and we'll do the rest. If you need a quotation first just ask.

How does the Training Control Panel for block bookings work?
If you are booking places for people in your organisation you will have access to this control panel to manage who you want on the course. When you log in to our website your account page will show this panel. Just add the users to your list and their place on the course will be reserved.

Is it just for people in the UK?
We welcome students from anywhere in the world. Please bear in mind the course is delivered in English.

Is the course suitable for people with learning disabilities?
This course is designed for staff or workers to help them make better Easy Read information. We will be running another course just for people with learning disabilities and autistic people in Spring 2023. This is a shorter course and all the information is in Easy Read.

I'm not sure I have time to do the course.
There is no time limit to complete the course so you can take as long as you like to gain your certificate.

Will you be running the course again? I can't do it right now.
Yes. The course will run again in April 2023 for people who can't take part this time around.