Photosymbols Guide

Log In

Picture of cursor over Log In button

1. Start by logging in using the red button in the top left corner. Enter your email address and password.

Account Page

Picture of My Account page

2. This will take you to your Account page where you can see order details and preferences. Next click on 'Go to the photo library'.

Control Panel

Picture of the Licence Manager control panel

3. If you are a Log-in Manager you will see the control panel to add or remove users on the Account page.


4. The pictures appear in a grid. Scroll down and more pictures will load. The newest additions always appear at the top.


Picture of the blue search bar

5. To find a specific image type words into the search box at the top - one or two words work best rather than long phrases.

Card View

Picture showing the rollover button options

6. When you roll over pictures in the grid you will see two or three buttons appear (depending on your browser)


Picture of the Download button

7. Click this button to download the image to your computer - usually the downloads folder. The file format is PNG with transparent backgrounds.


Picture of the favourite button

8. Click the heart to add the picture to your Saved Favourites. More about this later...


Picture of the copy button

9. (*Not all browsers support this function!) 'Copy' lets you copy the picture to the clipboard ready to paste into a document.


10. Click on any picture to see more information - preview, description, keywords tags and related photos.


Picture showing keywords position on the page

11. Click on any keyword tag to see a selection of matching images.

More Photos

Picture showing 'More photos' location on the page

12. More Photos shows up to 5 pictures related to the one you are looking at.


Picture of link to View Templates

13. Templates are in MS Powerpoint / Apple Keynote Format. To see them click the text below the search bar.


Picture of link to View Themes

14. You can also view a list of themes instead of searching.


Picture showing new preferences settings

15. To set download resolution go to your account page preferences. Small for when you want tiny file sizes. Medium for general use. Some subscriptions include Large for hi-res printing.

Saved Photos

Picture showing Save Photos screen view

16. Your Saved photos can be viewed by clicking the dark blue button at the top. You can download all your saved files at once from here.  


Picture showing the location of the upload button

17. You can also upload your own pictures. They can only be seen by you OR shared with your team. This can be useful for pictures of local places, people, logos etc.


Picture of a laptop showing the help guide

18. You can come back to this guide at any time by clicking the green Guide button in the top menu.