Easy Read & AI - Course and Event


Easy Read & AI
An Online Course and Event - Wednesday 20th March

This course includes a live webinar event on Wednesday 20th March. The webinar will be recorded for students who can't make it on the day.

Dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and discover how it can revolutionise the creation of Easy Read information. This short course is tailored for Easy Read practitioners, content creators, and anyone interested in making information accessible to people with learning disabilities. Here's what we'll cover:

  • AI Basics: We'll start with the simple stuff – what AI is and why it's important in our everyday lives.
  • What AI Can Do: Discover some amazing things AI is used for right now, and what it might do in the future.
  • AI for Good: We’ll learn about some positive uses for AI within Easy Read creation.
  • Ethics and Trust in AI: How to use AI responsibly and ethical issues to consider.
  • AI as Your Writing Helper: See how AI can give you a hand in making your writing clearer and easier to read.
  • Making Pictures with AI: Find out how AI can create pictures and images, and when it might be appropriate to use them.
  • Hands-On with AI: Participate in creating a computer-generated avatar alongside a person with a learning disability, gaining practical, hands-on experience.
  • Chat with the Experts: Join our online event to find out more and ask questions to our panel of experts.

This course is self-paced and takes around 6 hours to complete. It's a straightforward, friendly guide to some really important topics.

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