CQC Inspections

CQC Inspections

We had a great time developing a new set of pictures in partnership with the Care Quality Commission. Amongst other things, every health and care service in England is inspected by them to make sure it is up-to-scratch.

Sometimes this involves going into people’s homes to find out about the care they get. We wanted to create pictures that help people understand and feel comfortable about this, and to have an idea of what to expect when the CQC do an inspection in their home.

As always it can get a bit emotional acting some of these things out but we persevered. We’ve done a lot of work recently about the role of the actor and dealing with difficult issues which really helped.

The CQC use photosymbols to make their easy read reports accessible to people with a learning disability using services. So we helped them update the symbols they use in their reports as well.

We really hope the new pictures will help make information about inspections better for everyone involved.

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