Image Resolution

Image Resolution

Image Resolution

Photosymbols come in up to 3 different sizes, depending on your subscription - Small, Medium and Large (high resolution).

You can set your preferred resolution on the account page when you first log in, or by clicking on the grey person icon in the top right corner. Choose a resolution from the pull-down menu and click ‘Save’ to store your settings. You can change this at any time.

So which resolution should you choose? Well that depends on how you want to use photosymbols.

Small - around 50KB

Small images are 160 x 160 pixels. They are designed for websites and documents where you need fast loading pictures and small file sizes. If you try and use them too big however you will get fuzzy images.

Medium - around 500KB

Medium images are 600 x 600 pixels. These are designed for general use and printing things out yourself. They are are a good balance of detail and file size. This is the recommended setting

Large - around 5MB

Large (high resolution) images are available in Team, Organisation, Commercial and Associate subscriptions. They are 2048 x 2048 pixels and have the most detail. They are designed for posters and banners and anything that is printed professionally. The downside is image files can be quite big which can make your documents bulky and hard to email or download from a website. So be careful if you choose the Large setting in your preferences.