Commercial Use


Commercial Use Subscription Plan

The Commercial Use Subscription Plan is uniquely crafted for businesses and Easy Read designers who incorporate Photosymbols in their for-profit designs. This plan is an essential tool for professionals creating and selling products that feature images from our library, offering the necessary license to operate commercially.

Plan Essentials:

  • Targeted for Design Professionals: Ideal for Easy Read designers and businesses using our images in commercial projects.
  • Five User Logins: Accommodates the typical small team size in this sector, with each member getting their own access to facilitate collaborative design work.
  • Mandatory Credit Requirement: As part of the licence agreement, it is mandatory to credit each work with "Images from the Photosymbols Picture Bank, copyright Photosymbols."

Subscription Specifics:

  • Specifically for commercial purposes, allowing the sale of products featuring our images.
  • Access to our entire high-resolution photo library and creative templates, enhancing the quality of your commercial designs.
  • Please note, this subscription does not offer multi-year discounts and is available on an annual basis only.
  • Continuous yearly subscription is required to maintain the licence for ongoing commercial use.

Usage and Compliance:

  • Strict adherence to the credit requirement is essential for licence compliance.
  • The subscription period is 12 months, with a need for annual renewal to continue the commercial use rights.

Support for Commercial Users:

  • For any questions or guidance on using the Commercial Use Subscription Plan, please contact us at