Large 100


Large 100 Subscription Plan

The Large 100 Subscription Plan is a premier choice for major entities such as the NHS, social care organisations, leading charities, and colleges. Designed to serve the complex needs of these large-scale organisations, it provides individual access for up to 100 team members, enabling a widespread and effective creation of Easy Read resources.

Plan Features:

  • One Hundred Individual Logins: This plan is ideal for large organisations, offering 100 separate logins to accommodate extensive teams, ensuring each member has a personalised and efficient workspace.
  • Optimised Licence Management: Given the larger team size, the Licence Manager plays a key role in maintaining smooth user access and adjustments, crucial for such expansive operations.
  • Advanced Collaboration Tools: The ability to upload and share organisation-specific images allows for a high level of customisation in content creation, reflecting the unique identity and needs of your organisation.

Subscription Details:

  • Specifically tailored for a broad team of 100, each with their own secure access.
  • Full access to our extensive high-resolution photo library and a wide selection of creative templates, suited for producing top-quality Easy Read materials.
  • Take advantage of significant savings with our extended subscription options, offering up to 40% off.
  • We prioritise the security of each account, with individual and confidential logins.

Renewal and Usage Guidelines:

  • Subscription period is set for 12 months, with renewal reminders sent in advance.
  • Post-subscription, rights to use downloaded images expire, but materials created during the subscription remain usable.

Support for Large-Scale Organisations:

  • For assistance or to discuss your organisation’s specific subscription needs, please contact us at