Medium 50


Medium 50 Subscription Plan

The Medium 50 Subscription Plan is our response to the growing needs of expansive organisations dedicated to producing high quality Easy Read resources. This plan is specifically designed to accommodate up to 50 of your organisation’s members, each benefiting from individual login access, which streamlines their contribution to your organisation's content creation goals.

Plan Highlights:

  • Fifty Individual Logins: This package supports a substantial team by providing 50 separate logins, each enhancing personalisation and work efficiency.
  • Centralised Licence Management: The role of Licence Manager becomes crucial in seamlessly managing access for a large team, ensuring efficient team allocation and user management.
  • Robust Team Collaboration: Offering the functionality to upload and share unique images, your team can integrate tailored visuals like bespoke staff photos or specific branding elements, enriching the content.

Subscription Features:

  • Perfect for a large team of 50, with each member getting their own secure and private access.
  • Unrestricted use of our extensive high-resolution photo library and an array of creative templates, encouraging the creation of outstanding Easy Read materials.
  • Multi-year subscriptions come with considerable savings, offering up to 40% off.
  • We ensure the utmost security for each account, with each login being personal and non-transferable.

Renewal and Usage Policy:

  • A 12-month subscription term, with proactive reminders for renewal.
  • Upon subscription expiry, the right to use newly downloaded images ceases, but existing project materials remain valid for continued use.

Support for Large Organisations:

  • Should you need assistance or wish to adjust the details of your organisation’s subscription, please get in touch at