Medium 25


Medium 25 Subscription Plan

The Medium 25 Subscription Plan is an excellent investment for larger organisations aiming to upscale their Easy Read resource production. This comprehensive package empowers up to 25 team members with individual access, fostering a collaborative environment for creating high-quality materials.

Key Aspects of the Medium 25 Plan:

  • Twenty-Five Personal Logins: Designed to support a larger team, this plan grants each of the 25 members their own login, facilitating a streamlined and customised work process.
  • Efficient Licence Administration: A dedicated Licence Manager can effectively manage access for all team members, ensuring smooth coordination and adaptability in team dynamics.
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration: With the ability to upload and share unique images, the team can integrate specific visuals like bespoke staff pictures, local sights, or organisation-specific graphics.

Plan Features:

  • Tailored for a sizeable team of 25, providing each member with private and secure access.
  • Complete access to our broad high-resolution photo library and diverse creative templates, ideal for producing superior Easy Read content.
  • Substantial savings available with our multi-year subscriptions, up to 40% off.
  • Prioritising account security, with individually assigned, non-transferable logins.

Subscription Renewal and Usage:

  • The plan runs for 12 months, with reminders sent prior to expiration.
  • Post-subscription, usage rights for downloaded images cease, though previously created materials remain in use.

Organisational Support and Assistance:

  • For support or to modify your organisation’s subscription details, contact us at