Small 10



Small 10 Subscription Plan

Our Small 10 Subscription Plan is expertly designed for organisations committed to producing exceptional Easy Read resources. This plan is a strategic choice for managers looking to empower up to ten staff members with access to our extensive image library, and tailor made Easy Read system, allowing for a unified approach to creating high-quality materials.

Highlights of the Small 10 Plan:

  • Ten Individual Logins: Catering to a team of ten, each member receives their own login, enhancing the efficiency and personalisation of their work.
  • Streamlined Licence Management: A designated Licence Manager can easily administer the team's access, ensuring flexibility and control in team composition.
  • Collaborative and Customisable: Team members have access to our extensive picture library, as well as the option to upload personal and shared team images, all of which integrate with our bespoke system for creating Easy Read documents. Make custom images, quickly and easily draft accessible documents, and use our AI assistant to simplify complex information.

Plan Specifics:

  • Ideally suited for teams of ten, each user enjoys individual and secure access.
  • Access to a wide range of high-resolution images and creative suite for creating Easy Read content.
  • Offers up to 40% off with our multi-year subscription options.
  • Strong focus on account security, with personalised, non-transferable logins.

Renewal and Usage Terms:

  • 12-month subscription term, with proactive renewal reminders.
  • Rights to use downloaded images end with the subscription, but materials created during the subscription are still valid for use.

Dedicated Organisational Support:

  • For any queries or to adjust your team’s subscription settings, please reach out at